Girl, Interrupted

Book Information:

Author face
  1. Author: Susanna Kaysen
  2. Date of Publication: 1993
  3. Biography, Memoir, Autobiography, Personal narrative

Book Summary:

The memoir “Girl, Interrupted” is based on the author’s real story about her mental illness. In 1967 Susanna the main character has a session with an unknown psychiatrist she’d never seen before. After the 18-year-old Susanna is sent to McLean Hospital. The first thing readers are introduced to is the character Polly who sets herself on fire. The story doesn’t have a linear order the chapters are different stories Susanna tells through her eyes. The disorder that she is diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder. The end of the story concludes with Susanna after 18 months at the hospital leaving and trying to fit in society.

Author Imformation:

The author Susanna Kaysen born November 11, 1948 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At the age of 18 she was sent to McLean Hospital for her depression and suicidal attempts. The psychiatrist sends her for treatment. The doctors at the hospital diagnosed her with “borderline personality disorder” During those 18 months she meets patients that have similar disorders. After time spent there, she reflects on the experience and lives a normal life.