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The Dream Thieves

Book Information:

Authour's Bio:

Maggie Stiefvater is the authour of the book I am currently reporting on. Her date of birth is the nineteenth of November in the year nineteen eighty-one in Harrisonburg, Virginia. In her early years, she was entrenched in literature, reading and writing being her favourite activities to do. Even before her most notable works, she had written a myriad of stories of many genres. Education-wise, she was home-schooled after primary school and graduated from Mary Washington College with a Bachelor's in history. After graduation from college, she started a career as a portrait artist before she centered her attention on writing. She's also musically affiliated; she was a competitive bagpipist in college and can also play other musical instruments. Stiefvater is truly a master of the arts. In regards to her remarkable works, her book series The Wolves of Mercy Falls earned spots in the New York Times Bestseller List, with one, Linger, reaching the number one spot in two-thousand ten. Her other book, The Scorpio Races, even received the Michael L. Printz Honor Award, an outstanding accolade for her novel. The Scorpio Races is going to be adapted into a movie as well, we can only hope that it is as brilliant as the book.

Story Summarization (That's a word, guys. Trust me.)

Okay, first of all, y'all need to know who's in the gang I'll be referring to. The gang is comprised of Gansey, Adam, Blue, Noah, and Ronan. After the events of the first novel, the gang are having to deal with Ronan's secret ability to take things from his dreams into reality. Still, that doesn't stop Gansey's quest for the elusive Glendower. But in this novel, the past will hold utmost importance in hampering the gang's progress. Ronan's troubled past and ability is crucial to the Glendower hunt. Adam's unthinkable act in the first novel came with some mysterious, and probably lethal, side-effects that may or may not change the whole course of the story. To add to the gang's already mounting troubles, the mysterious Gray Man is searching for the Greywaren for his even more mysterious boss, Greenmantle. Another trouble, the gang has lots of problems, a young whippersnapper by the name of Kavinsky is wrekcing havoc with his nonsense and idiocy. Will Gansey and his hearty crew prevail?

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