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The book the boy in the striped pajamas was written by John Boyne , the book is considered Fiction,Fable,Postmodern literature,Historical drama, it is about tradegy events that happened during the holocaust during world war 2 and the adventures of Bruno learning about whats going on around him. The book was published January 5th, 2006.

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Biographical information on the author

John Boyne, born on April 30th 1971 in Dublin, Ireland. John Boyne is a novelist who writes books for kids and adults. Has written many books but his famous work is The boy in the striped pajamas. He loved writing ever since he was a little kid. But he decided to pursue a writing career when he was 12. He went to Trinity college in Dublin where he majored in English literature. But then he studied creative writing at the institutin in Norwhich, University of east Anglia. He started his career by making short stories a famous one of his is called "Entertainments jar". His first novel was published in the 2000 which was called "The theif of time" it was more an adult book then a kids book. But in 2006 he switched to making kids book like "The boy in the striped pajamas. After the success of the boy in the striped pajamas he published three more successful books that were "Noah Barleywater runs away","The stay where you are and then leave" and "terrible thing that happened to Barnaby Brocket". John Boyne has also earned awards for his work in literature like the Irish book awards, the que leer award and hennessy literary award.

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Plot summary

The boy in the striped pajamas is a good book about Bruno's adventure's that he goes through. Bruno doesn't know about what his father does and has to leave his friends behind to go to a different town for his fathers work. Bruno doesn't want to move and leave his friends behind. But he has to and has no choice. When Bruno gets to his spot he experiences alot of things that he is new to and has seen. He see's alot of people dressed up in striped pajamas and working and also he spends alot of time alone except when Bruno makes a friend that is a jew and secretly goes and meets him everyday but they have to talk through a barbed wire fence. But one day Bruno decides to dig under the fence and spend time with his new friend but turns out to be a tradegy. This book can be sad because this is based off of events from world war 2 like killing jews and treating them as slaves and also has a sad ending.