The Pirate's Code

2019/2020 Student Created Websites

This is the second year with Book Report Websites. The Rubric was revised to align more with the English Language Arts standards for High School, and some things were lessened, such as the number of quotes and symbols. We did add a little bit to the reflections pages, adding the focus of the questions to why and not just "how did you feel?" sort of questions.

A second goal of mine, as the instructor, was to introduce a responsive design to all websites. This was done with a grid layout in an external CSS style sheet. This presented some challenges during the first attempt (with the first semester) as the concept was introduced late into the learning environment. Moving forward, this concept of mobile design, will begin earlier, giving the students more practice with the idea and techniques used.

Overall, I am very happy with the work students have done this year. I will always be looking for ways to teach them new and more exciting things.

First Semester

Student NameGrade LevelWebsite
SampleSampleI, Robot
Abisai C.SeniorBone
Adam I.SophomoreBorn a Crime
Alejandro M.SophomoreAlways Running
Amandeep SJuniorThe Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Andrew P.SeniorThe Dream Thieves
Bryan L.SeniorWonder
Daneida D.SeniorI'm not your perfect Mexican Daughter
Ema F.SeniorThere There
Gaby P.SeniorAnger is a Gift
Hanh N.JuniorWonder
Jeremy N.SophomoreBorn a Crime
Jonathan N.SeniorReady Player One
Jose G.SeniorAmulet
Justin N.JuniorThe Battlemage
Kaleb K.Senior1984
Ketshia L.SophomoreBorn a Crime
Kevin N.SophomoreGirl Interrupted
Khaled Y.JuniorFrankenstein
Lino V.SeniorHoles
Long P.SeniorYellow Flowers on the Green Grass
Mohamed A.SeniorThe Odyssey
Muna H.SeniorEnrique's Journey
Nicholas R.SeniorIlluminae Files 01
Oneyly C.JuniorSing, Unburied, Sing
Rin S.SophomoreWhat If It's Us
Rose R.SeniorIf You Come Softly
Saul M.SophomoreBecoming Anna

All of these sites should all open in their own tab. This was done to eliminate the need to modify a student's code but still allow easy access to this primary page.