There There by Tommy Orange

the book and the author in one picture

Title:There There

it is a historical fiction book it was published on june 5,2018 also it is a genre historical fiction and the author is Tommy orange

authors bio

this is the author of the book there there Tommy Orange. he is both Cheyenne and Arapaho he is 36 years old. he graduated from the MFA program at the institute of American Indian arts. also is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne and Arapaho he was born an raised in Oakland, California.

The summery of the book

the Book There There tells the story from multi character perspective and it is about the characters getting closer to themselves and pushing past there own struggles.As the plot develops there a much more sinister plan going on. as all the characters plan on going to the powwow in Oakland, California but there's a much bigger than they expect after they get there.