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The waliking dead by robert kirkman, is a story of a group that meet and have to work together to stay alive as the dead rise to eat them.

The author Robert kirkman has also been apart of writing a lot of marvel comics,he was born november 30, 1978.

Robert is the creator of the walking dead comics, the tv show The walking dead and fear the walking dead.


At the beging of the story we find out the main character Rick grimes and Shane are cops and rick get shot the next thing is rick wakes up for a coma and finds out about the walkers

along the way to rick trying to find his family, he meets morgan and his son duane.

Rick then leaves to find his family alone and meets Glenn who takes Rick to his camp right outside the city of atlanta, and there Rick sees his wife lori and his son carl and his partner shane,

Rick then finds out as the book goes on that this new world changes people even if you have know them for a long time, and that the places they knew, the world they knew

is gone they are living amongst THE WALIKNG DEAD.

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