Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda


AuthorBecky Albertalli
GenreYoung Adult,Romance,Drama, LGBT, Coming Of Age
Publication DateApril 7, 2015

Author's Biograpgy

Becky Albertalli

Rebecca "Becky" Albertalli is an award-winning American author of young adult fiction. An award that she has won is New York Times Best Selling author. She is born at Atlanta, Georgia on November 17, 1982. For living she is a novelist and a clinical psychologist. Since Albertalli is a clinical psychologists, she has conducted a bunch of therapy with dozens of smart, weird, irresistible teenagers. Albertalli is a mother of two sons, Owen and Henry, and is married to Brian Albertalli. Her inspiration of becoming a novelist is Jaclyn Moriarty. The book she is well-known for writing is "Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda", which is adapted by the movie "Love, Simon." She also wrote the books, "The Upside of Unrequited", and "Leah on the Offbeat"

Plot Summary

Book Cover

The story tells the adventure of a 16-year-old gay protagonist coming out and finding who the guy he is talking with online. Simon, the main character and narrator, met someone on "Creeksecrets", the school Tumblr page because the "online" guy came out about his identitiy anonymously in the school page called Creeksecrets. Simon was super interested on knowing who the guy is, so he ends up emailing him under the name of Jacques. The anonymous boy is named Blue online. Blue and Simon talked through email for 5 straight months. As the months past by Simon secret of being gay and talking to Blue has been exposed out in the world. During their winter break Simon's enemy, Martin, exposed his secret after getting rejected by Abby Suso. Martin and Simon had a deal with each other. Their deal was that Simon had to help Martin to get close with Abby so they could be together for the dance (Simon and Abby are close friends). But the deal broke after Abby rejected Martin. At the time, Blue was gone on a family holiday trip therefore he didn't know that Martin outed both of them on the school webpage. Simon in the other hand is struggling with the whole situation. All he can think at that moment is what Blue is going to do after he finds out he is talking to one of his lunch mates adn that he has been outed. Blue then finds out he was talking with Simon, therefore their emails are heated. But as Blue represents himself to Simon, Blue felt a little scared. However, Simon felt the love through Blue once they met at a tilt-a-whirl. SPOILER ALERT! Bram Greenfeld is Blue.