Percy Jackson and the Olympians

By Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson is a series about a young boy on a journey across New York that has been re-imagined to fit the modern day while maintaining the mythology of Greece. The book was published in June 2005. And later, a movie adaption would follow, doing not so well and only producing 2 films.

Plot/story Summary Book 1

Percy Jackson Book 1

The Percy Jackson series is a phenomenal reading experience as it is filled with a ton of Roman and Greek(mostly Greek) Mythology and with wonderful adventures that would involve the characters. The story starts off with a boy(depending on which storyline, book or the movie, His age would vary, in the book, he is about 13 years old, movie, he is 17ish) and This young boy is Percy Jackson, but beforehand, Poseidon and Zeus have an argument about who stole the lightning bolt, Zeus thinking it was Poseidon’s son he lost contact with, and currently, he does not know that his father is Poseidon, Greek God of the Sea, and it is foreshadowed by his great ability to swim and stay underwater for a great amount of time. His friend, Grover, First introduced as a disabled Kid, is actually his caretaker and guardian that was tasked with watching over him, But currently, he does not know this, and when he is first attacked by a group of Greek mystical monsters and his mom gets captured by his uncle, Hades, he goes on a task with Grover to retrieve his mom from the underworld, and this is when we are first introduced to camp half-blood and all of the kids that are like him, but there is one turn of events though, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades are the big three and is shown that there are not really a lot of kids that are related to the three. So currently, there is only Percy at the camp that is a child of the big three. Soon he is taunted by hades that he has his mother, doing this, Percy is enraged and is motivated even more to go after Hades and save his mom. He trains to go on the journey and is joined by Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena. They are also aided from Luke, son of Hermes. They journey through California and Nevada. Killing and meeting multiple Greek mythical creatures. They are at the Hollywood sign and is greeted into the underworld. There they save Percy’s mom but is forced to have to let Grover stay back with Hades wife, and in the process, is is shown that Luke Framed Percy to make it seem like he stole the lightning bolt from Zeus in order to bring attention from the Greek gods to their children. After this, Luke confronts Percy on the empire state building, they fight it off and Percy masters Poseidon’s water ability and takes out Luke, but not killing him. He then enters Olympus and is greeted by his father and Zeus who then does not go to war because Percy returns the lightning bolt and informs Hermes about his son, and that is it for the first book/movie.

Plot/summary of book 2

Percy Jackson Book 2

The plot and summary follows after the events of the first book/movie, *and note, this is the last time that the movie will be brought up because this was also the last film before productions for this film was stopped* And this is when Percy and Annabeth also start to develop a relationship and grew closer. Along with that, there is also more characters that are introduced into the series. With that being 2 other child of the big three and another big adventure. But first, a backstory of a barrier protecting the camp, Years ago, there was a child of Zeus that had saved her life to protect the camp, and doing so, her father turned her body into a tree so that the rest of the camp can stay safe, but now, someone poisoned the tree and that is the quest that Percy, Annabeth and a child of Ares named Clarisse who she helps them. They are all on a journey to retrieve the Golden Fleece, inside the sea of monsters, or which is known as the Bermuda Triangle. But before this, Another child of Poseidon is introduced, not being actually related, but adopted by Poseidon, is a friendly Cyclops Named Tyson, who joins along on the adventure, but Annabeth is worried because Thalia was killed by a Cyclops. On trip, Grover gets captured and is then turned in to Polyphemus, a giant cyclops that likes to eat beings like Grover. This was also when they were met by Luke, who is trying to revive a Titan named Kronos. So they are also on a mission to retrieve the Golden Fleece that Percy and Annabeth are on a mission to retrieve. When they all reach the correct location in a remote island in the middle of the sea of monsters, they all have a battle, and Tyson gets shot and falls down into the water, Percy thinking he was killed. But later, they are saved when Tyson was actually saved because Poseidon had saved him. They fight Luke but are too late to stop Kronos from being revived. Thus They are then tasked with stopping and killing Kronos again in which they do, and they revive Thalias tree, not knowing that it would also revive her to life again.

Plot/Summary of book 3

The Third Book

this story takes a little bit after the events of the second book in which Thalia is revived. And they are now on their way to retrieve twins who are the children of Hades. So now we have at least one children from at least each of the big three, but Hades is forbidden so there is no Hades cabin like other god cabins. Thalia and Percy are in the car with his mom and they are given a ride to a location so that they can retrieve the twins, Nico and Bianca Di Angelo. They are attacked by a Manticore, a mystical beast, but is saved by Artemis and her hunters. In the process, Bianca joins the group of hunters as a member. But during the fight, Annabeth goes missing with the manticore while he was being defeated. Along with that, they were told by the manticore that there was going to be more monsters that were being revived from the pits of Tartarus, a Hellish Grave for monsters. While they are back at the camp, Nico is introduced to the campers and the counselors, Percy and blackjack, a Pegasus, or flying horse with wings, save a sea monsters named "Bessie" and during this adventure, Artemis' lieutenant, Zoe Nightshade, Has mysterious Dreams about Artemis being in danger. Just while she has this dream, Percy Also has dreams about Annabeth and how she saves Luke from a collapsing Ceiling. But both are distracted and cannot act from their dreams as the oracle, which tells prophecies, leaves the attic delivers the Huntress a prophecy. Chiron, the camp head, Organizes a quest but Percy is unable to go due to the fact that Artemis and the huntresses, do not travel and go on quest with Males. Percy sneaks out but is told that he has a chance of dying in this quest because of his prophecy. When they finally arrive in NY, they notice the same man who was the manticore in the beginning of the book, and follow him, and when he does, he is lead into a museum and there he finds Luke and a man named the general. They summon a monster to hunt Artemis' group, Percy, with knowledge of this, tries to warn the main group and is attacked by a Nemean Lion, while escaping, they end up in New Mexico and is in a junkyard hiding from the Monster that Luke had summoned, they also have a brief encounter with Ares and Aphrodite. In the Junkyard, Bianca takes a statue for Nico and awakens a prototype of Talos, while fighting that, she dies in order to take it down. The group arrive in Hoover Dam and avoids Luke’s monsters again, then they end up in San Francisco on the backs of flying angels. Once they are there, they seek the help of some dude named Nereus and find out that the monster that Artemis and the hunters are hunting is the monster that Percy had saved, which was Bessie, and please with The manticore from the beginning of the book to help him defeat the rest of the other manticores in desperation, while this is happening, Grover is returning back to camp half-blood to hide Bessie from the hunters. Percy and Thalia go to find Fred Chase, Annabeth’s dad to hope that he will help them reach their final destination in the mountains of San Francisco, The Mount Tamalpais. Which is where the big bad titans meet up. Using Chase' car, they drive to the location, and on the way there, they are attacked, Artemis' group and Percy, While this happens, Zoe is hurt and succumbs to her wounds and then dies. In the spot where Atlas, the big bad titan is supposed to be holding up the sky, is Artemis in his spot. Later we learn that The general is Atlas himself, being freed from holding the sky. And Also Percy spots Annabeth tied up and Luke next to the general in alliance. They fight it out and Atlas is put back in the spot under the sky and Luke gets pushed off of a cliff, thinking he is dead, they return to camp half-blood for the winter solstice, a meeting of the gods. Poseidon tells them that they did not kill Luke and that he is alive, and they all decide that they all should take action against the titans. At the end of the day, Thalia is offered a spot in Artemis' group and her prophecy is avoided. Percy tells Nico of his Sister’s death, and he is angered by this and then blames Percy, showing his power Gotten from Hades, and Percy decides not to tell anyone other than Annabeth and Grover about this news.

Plot/Summary of Book 4

The Fourth Book in the Series.

the fourth book takes place as soon as Percy is entering Freshmen Year of high school. He meets a new character who can see through the mist, which is a mist that is to make sure that the unnatural like monsters and chariots and all that seem normal to humans and non-demigods. So he meets this Girl names Rachel who can see through the mist for a very important reason that will be stated later in the series, and she helps Percy fight off Monsters and send them to Tartarus. When he returns to Camp Half-Blood, he finds out that Grover, his Watcher is in trouble for not fulfilling his task of Finding Pan, One of the gods that had gone missing. During a game set up in the camp, Percy finds a secret entrance into the Labyrinth, which is a maze, and they suspect that Luke is going to plan to use this to his plans, or as an entrance and exit for troops of his and his rebellion. When the Counselors find out of this, they start a quest in order to prevent Luke and his Armies to use the maze, so they set out to find Daedalus, the holder of the Ariadne’s string, which is important for the usage of the maze. Annabeth being in charge, she brings Grover, Percy and Tyson. Before departing though, Percy learns that Nico, brother of the Bianca who had died in the previous book, is planning to revive his dead sister for exchange for the soul of someone who had escaped death, that being Percy with the help of King Minos. Once they enter the maze, they encounter many Mystical beings from different regions of the world. They meet Briares, the sphinx and Janus before arriving at the ranch of Geryon and meeting Nico. They seek out the god of Blacksmith, Hephaestus, after which they split up splitting their objectives. Percy and Annabeth Depart and look for Mount St Helens in Washington, while Grover and Tyson Go search for Pan in order to help Grover not get in Even more serious trouble with the counselors. When they find the volcano, they are almost killed by Kronos’ men, but he escapes by triggering a volcano which shoots him out in order for him to escape with Annabeth, but he wakes up in the island of Ogyia where he meets Calypso. The daughter of the titan Atlas. She is cursed with falling in love with anyone that ends up there for which they cannot stay, having to leave her. When Hephaestus tells him of the events of the mortal world, Calypso tries to convince him to stay with her forever, but he chooses to leave in order to save his friends. Since they escaped, they go back to camp Half-Blood to learn that Rachel, the girl in the beginning of the book can navigate the maze. They go back to Manhattan to retrieve her. After they retrieve her, they are attacked by Luke and his men only to learn that Daedalus had betrayed them and that Nico was with them. He had planned to use Daedalus' soul in order to revive his sister instead of Percy’s. They fight it out and escape and leave Daedalus in the maze. Later, at the Titan fortress at Mount Othrys, we learn that Luke is possessed by Kronos, they soon then run into Grover and Tyson, once they had found the dying Pan, who had just pasted his spirit into Grover, Tyson, Percy and Annabeth. The group without Rachel, Return to the camp to find out that the camp had been Invaded because Luke and his army came in through the maze, and they Fight and they are able to push back the Remaining groups, and after that, they hold a ceremony for the dead campers, after that, Percy Leaves for High school year and is visited by his dad, Giving him a Sand Dollar, telling him to spend it wisely. Nico Soon Appears, finding out that he had actually been held captive and had never wanted to trade Percy’s soul, tells him that he finally knows a way to defeat Luke and his Army.

Plot/Summary of Final book in Percy Jackson.

Percy Jackson Last Book

the last and final book in this series wraps up the events of the previous books and shows the final outcome of the final battle that has been built up. The book starts with Percy and Rachel on the roof of a car, and Percy is approached by Charles Beckendorf, a new character that was just introduced in between the 4th and this book. He informs Percy of the sighting of Luke’s ship, Princess Andromeda. They both go to attack the ship, Percy escapes after, but Charles is killed in action. While Percy was out cold, he falls in the water, but then awakens in his Fathers underwater Palace. Which is getting attacked by a Titan Oceanus. Percy Attempts to stay in order to help his dad, but his dad sends him back to Camp-Half Blood to hear of the "great Prophecy". When he arrives there, He tells the counselors and the other campers that Luke, or rather Kronos had a Spy overhearing the conversation. Percy learns that the Olympians are Fighting Typhon. Percy leaves to Connecticut with Nico to talk to Luke’s mom on how they might be able to defeat Kronos, and he meets Hestia on the way. Percy receive a blessing from his mother, then falls into the Underworld, where he does what Achilles had done in the river of Styx. He takes on the Curse of Achilles. Despite that he was betrayed by Nico, His gains invincibility and then fights off a horde of Hades minions. Percy heads to New York, leaving Nico behind. Percy urges his father to fight with them, but they are too busy occupying Typhon. New York is hit with a sleeping spell in order to prevent knowledge of this battle. Even though they are aided by the groups of Artmeis and her hunters, and other campers, they suffer casualties from the original that have been in fight. During the battle, Annabeth is hurt trying to save Percy because of his weak spot was exposed. The campers and the hunters struggled through the entire fight, but they are still able to fight strong and strive on, but they are offered a chance to surrender, but Percy does not. The campers kill Hyperion, one of Kronos’ Allies. Meanwhile, Rachel, is beginning to turn into a prophet, and arrives to inform Percy that the One of the monsters they are fighting against can only be killed by a Descendant of Ares, the God of War. Charles Beckondarfs Girlfriend, Silena, arrives disguised as Clarisse, to attempt to break the conflict of who should kill it, but when the real Clarisse arrive, she kills the Drakon out of anger, during the fight though, Silena is hurt and dies, and it is revealed that she was the Spy herself, until her boyfriend had died and blames his death on the side she was spying for. The battle enrages even more and Kronos gets closer to the Empire State building, which is an entrance to mount Olympus, and although Percy and his friends are defending it, Kronos slips through. Percy and Kronos, fight, and they both see a vision, that Typhon is on his way to New York, but Percy uses the Sand Dollar that his dad had given him, to bribe the Cyclopes that work with Poseidon to fight Typhon. During the Kronos and Percy fight, Annabeth joins in, and Kronos attacks her, but Luke regains control and helps Percy Banish Kronos back to the pits of Tartarus. But doing so, Luke is killed as Kronos was in Luke’s Body. Luke reveals the motives behind all of the rebelling campers, that they were unrecognized by the gods and that they had no parents in life due to their Status in Olympus, and that this could have all been avoided. As Luke dies, his body is carried away and later, the Gods grant the campers and anyone involved in defending Olympus rewards. Percy is offered something big though, to become immortal and a god himself. Percy declines, and ask Zeus and the other gods something, that they should not have any more children in order to prevent events like this from happening again. Later Rachel is given the status of becoming an oracle, due to her visions. She safely becomes the new oracle under Apollos Vision. The book then ends with Percy and Annabeth and Grover Celebrating his birthday and the many demigods and counselors are honored.

The Author

The author of this series is Rick Riordan, he is currently 54 years old and was born June 5, 1964 in Texas. He has a wife and currently has 2 kids, his son, Haley, was the one how inspired him to start the Percy Jackson Series. Before this though, he was working at a school, and had a certificate to teach English and Social Studies in high school. He taught at Predidio High school. His Son was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia, and got the idea of Heroes for his son for bed time stories. He wrote other books after Percy Jackson series that continues the series but with other types of Religious Figures. Like the Kane series which is about Egyptian Mythological figures, and the story right after the Percy Jackson series, which was the Heroes of Olympus, which takes place time after the Percy Jackson series, this time instead of being just Greek Mythology, it is also Roman mythology, involving the characters from the previous series.