Rainbow Six Siege
By Tom Clancy

Rainbow Six is a realistic-fiction military story published in 1998.
Tom Clancy has a degree in English from Loyola College in Baltimore and he worked as a broker in Maryland. He published his first book The Hunt for Red October in 1984. It became the New York Times Best Seller and eventually, it reached President Reagan's hands. It was his dream to write novels and he held it for 29 more years until he passed away in October of 2013. His legacy continues on in books and video games based on his wonderful series.

Rainbow Six continues the story of John Clark facing a new enemy. The SEALS alone can't keep America safe, so a new organization must be created. One who can respond to any situation around the world. Set in the late 20th century, the threat of communism is still upon the world and a group of Communist Extremists plan on eliminating Capitalism.

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