Hatchet By Gary Paulsen

This is my book this is the author

This book is about a thirteen year old that is named Brian Robeson. He is trying to survive in the wild until he can get help. He went on a plane to go see his father but instead of that happening the plane had something wrong with the engine and from there it went downhill. the only things he had was a HATCHET that his mom gave him as a present gift and he also had some shirts that he packed before he went on the plane. His mom and his dad got divorced because of family problems

Gary Paulsen is the writer of hatchet witch is a young adult fiction. September 30, 1987 is when the book released.

Gray Paulsen is an Americana writer of young adult fiction. he is also best known for his books he write on the wilderness.Grey Paulsen has also written more then 200 book and for half of those books he has gotten rewards. he went to bemidji state university and he ha three kids of his own named Lynn.P lance.P James.W