Flowers For Algernon

By Daniel Keyes

Flowers For Algernon Book Cover

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Science fiction

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Daniel Keyes's profile

Daniel Keyes was born on August 9, 1927 in Brooklyn, New York. When Keyes was seventeen, he joined the U.S Maritime Service. When he return to the civilian life, he went to studied Psychology at Brooklyn College then received his A.B. degree in 1950. After college, he became an associate fiction editor for Marvel Science Fiction under Stan Lee. In 1957, he taught two advanced Creative Writing courses and two Modified English courses for children considered less bright at his old high school.


The book “Flowers For Algernon” by Daniel Keyes is about a man named Charlie Gordon who is born with developmentally disabled which causes him to have a low IQ of 68. Charlie is given the opportunity to undergo a new surgery that allow him to doubles his IQ after his teacher, Mrs. Kinnian, recommend him. This procedure is first tested on a laboratory mouse named Algernon, with an outstanding result. Charlie will be the first human to test out this procedure. Over the course of the book, reader follows his mental and emotional development. The book is narrated in progress report that charlie writes that change over time as he develops.