Hunger Games

Oskar Kurpisz

Hunger Games
The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins Published in September 14, 2008 Genre: Adventure fiction, Utopian and dystopia fiction, Science Fiction.
Suzanne Collins works as a television writer and author. Suzanne is most recognized as the Best Selling author of The New York best selling book series, The Underland Chronicles. In Suzanne's free time she likes to get coffee, read fiction books, and go for walks. Suzanne always loved reading and writing as a kid, which turned her future profession of a Television Writer very clear.
Plot: Once in what was the continent North America there was a Capitol. This Capitol was made of 12 different districts that force young Men and Women to be selected as tributes to be challenged in the nationally televised event called the Hunger Games. The event organizer made all the citizens watch as the young adults battle to the death and one emerges victorious.