Background of the book and author: Rick Riordan Originally Published: October 12,2010 Pages in book 557 Sumary: "The lost hero" Jason,Piper,Leo. These Three Kids where The "bad kids" of their school until they where placed into camp half blood in which they learn that they where Demi-Gods and had a quest to save The queen of the Gods and sister of Zeus, Hera. In the book The lost hero The author Focuses on Trying to keep The book Entertaining But it shows a lot about friend ship and how it is a strong Bond Between Two or more people it was in the characters point of view and not in the gods point of view. author most likely wanted to target teens Even Though adults might have a fun time reading this book. Summary: Jason has amnesia He's with a girl named Piper McClean who says she's his girlfriend and a boy named Leo Valdez, who says he's his best friend. They're all on a field trip to the Grand Canyon. They get to the Canyon and then they are attacked by storm spirits The Coach Gleeson Hedge Shows them that he's a pugnacious satyr with hooves and horns, and fights to protect them. Jason pulls out a coin that turns into a magical sword and helps kill the spirits but some run away. As the storm spirits leave, they take Hedge with them. A chariot arrives That is driven by Annabeth Chase. She's looking for her boyfriend, Percy Jackson, who has disappeared. everybody discovers they have superpowers. Piper can charmspeak people and make them do what she wants, while Leo can control fire But Jason has a really tough time as he doesnt know his Dad So he Doesnt know which God he belongs to. You'd think this would make them happy, but it doesn't. Piper has been having dreams of an evil giant who has captured her father, and she's afraid she'll have to betray her friends or the giant will eat her dad and leo is afriad his mom would get Killed if people found out of his powers. They Fight Cyclops and a whole bunch of other Monsters Just To free hera and to find Jasons Parents, but they Find them selves trying to free hedge and to their surprise they are able too free him. Then they get in a big fight with Porphyrion To free hera and they Outsmarted him and took hera back. Hera starts Explaining who is the father of Jason was, Jason comes from a whole other group of Gods who are Gods of Romans rather than the Greek His Dad Was Jupiter, Jupiter was basically They Zeus version of The Greek Gods The Roman and Greek demigods were separated by the gods Jupiter And Zeus. because they kept killing each other. But now Hera is trying to reunite them. and that was really it from my point of view of the story But the plot was that Zeus Was Jupiter But Zeus is able to change From his greek from to his roman form Hence his name "Supreme God"/ "God Of Gods"