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This is a lake where people swim

Author Bio

Chris Crutcher was born in Dayton, Ohio on July 17, 1946. Chris Crutcher is was raised in Idaho. This is were he would go to high school and played football, basketball and ran track. Chris Crutcher was a good athlete in high school. Mr. Crutcher became a teacher in the Bay Area (Oakland, California) and thus started his career as an author.


In Spokane Washington Bo Brewster lives with his Mother and younger brother. Bo Brewster wants to participate in the Yukon Jack Triathlon. Bo gets into an argument with his teacher and gets him into anger management. Bo has a trainer Mr."Lion" Serbousek. He is a teacher who also coaches the swim team. Bo comes to be inspired and supported by the group of kids he meets in anger management classes, turns out Mr. Lion is gay and also Bo starts dating his classmate Shelly, who is more athletic then him. Bo has competition with Wyrak, a swimmer and a bully, and then bets Shelly he can beat Bo in the Yukon Jack. Bo meets his goal, to compete in the Yukon Jack triathlon, and also beats Wyrack.

AuthorChris Crutcher
Publication dateSeptember 11th,1995