Naruto Shippuden

The Manga and show Naruto Shippuden is about a young boy that was born in a Japanese fictional setting that takes place during ancient japan and has many references to asian culture, religion, and mythologies. Throughout the show, the frequent statement of "Sage of the six paths" and tailed beast are related to real life mythologies and culture are constantly brought up and used to bring more content to the story. The authors bring in the story of Naruto after he had left to train with his master, Jiraiya, the same master that had trained his dad, the 4th hokage, but currently, naruto does not know that his dad was the 4th hokage because his father was killed protecting the village, and on narutos very first day that he was born, that was when the village was attacked, by one of the 10 tailed beast in the series that is also one of the main characters. This Character is the nine-tailed beast that was sealed into Naruto because his father saw hope in him, but his dad sealed the yin half of the fox into naruto so that the power of the fox does not overwhelm him in his later years. Sealing the other half into himself and dying in the process along with his wife who was killed. Fast forward back to the present time for naruto after he returned, he is greeted by his squad leader, Kakashi Hatake, an infamous person for having a special trait, having a sharingan, an eye and ability that is only gained from an entirely different clan, the Uchiha. But the Uchiha only has 2 remaining members, Sasuke, and Itachi Uchiha. Sasuke was a former squad member of squad 7, the squad that Naruto is in and had abandonded the village to try to kill his brother, Itachi Uchiha, the one who had massacred the clan. Naruto also meets up with his other squadmate, Sakura Haruno, and the three go on a training to see what Naruto has learned. They are tasked with Grabbing a pair of bells from Kakshi in which they are successful in doing so. Once that is finished, they are then tasked with capturing sasuke from oruchimaru, Jiraiyas former friend and sasukes sensei. Naruto and Sasuke fight, they are equal strengths and sasuke and his group departs.

Meanwhile this was all happening, Gaara the Kaezakage, Narutos Friend from a different village and the jinchuriki(holder) of the one tails is captured by Deidara, a member of the Akatsuki a group that their main goal is hidden for now, and Kankuro, Gaaras brother goes after them, but is sverely poisoned in the process. Narut, Kakashi, and Sakura is notified of this and their friends and other sensei tags along for the mission to retrieve Gaara. Gai, the sensei of the other squad brings along Neji, Rock Lee, and TenTen on the mission. As they are locating the hidden hideout Deidara and his partner Sasori is hiding in, Gaara is being extracted of his tailed beast which in the process kills him, Chiyo, Gaaras grandma also comes along in the mission and helps them. They find the hideout and Deidara leaves with Gaaras dead body, Enraging Naruto and almost releasing the Nine-tails in Naruto, Kakashi follows naruto and they both chase down Deidara as tthe other squad has to retreat. This leaves Sasori and Chiyo to Fight Sasori, Sakura and Chiyo emerging victorious and killing Sasori. Once they retrieve Gaaras body Chiyo gives her life to revive Gaara.

Once Gaara returns, Naruto is assignned a new task and it is revealed that Deidara got a new partner, Tobi, a very important character later on in the story. Going to Sasuke, Sasukes sensei, Orochimaru is in a weakened state and Sasuke takes advantage of this becasue he knows that Oruchimarus goal was to take sasukes body and use it as his own. Sasuke kills Orochimaru and leaves the hideout. He forms a new group in for the sole purpose of finding and killing Itachi and on his journey, he comes across Deidara and Tobi, in which he engages in a fight and kills Deidara. Kisame, Itachis partner shows up and tells them that there is a hidden location that they can meet at, but only sasuke and Itachi are allowed in there. Sasuke meets up with Itachi and they fight. Sasuke using he had learned, he uses his most powerful move that he had been training for, the "Kirin" he attempts to kill Itachi with the final move. But failing to do so, after he had thought that Itachi was dead, Itachi summons his Susanoo, a powerful summoning that only wielders of the Sharingan can summon witth the Mangekyo Sharingan, an evolved version of the standard Sharingan. During the ongoing battle, Orochimaru rises from Sasukes Curse mark, something that he had planted onto Sasuke beforehand for power. But Itachi seals away Orochimaru and the cursemark once and for all with the Totsuka blade, a powerful sealing sword. But before Itachi can "kill" Sasuke, he has a brother to brother moment, and dies infront of Sasuke as Sasuke also collapse from being too tired.

Once Itachi dies though, sasuke is taken in by a mysterious figure. Sasuke figures out that this figure is Tobi, Deidara's partner. Revealing his true self and telling Sasuke his brothers actual purpose and why he did everything he did. That Itachi was a caring person, that he was tasked with killing the Uchiha Clan because of Danzo, a village counselor was informed that the Uchiha clan was planning a coup d'etat and to try to bring themselves back to power since the second hokage's rule. Once Itachi was tasked with killing everyone from their clan and forced to kill his parents he spared his brother when he was not supposed to. The third hokage orders him to leave the village so that no one woulld recognize Itachis for his Actions. Itachi was also given a hidden task, to be an undercover spy for the Akatsuki. This whole time, Itachi was informing the Hidden leaf village of the actions of the Akatsuki and working with the leaf along with also protecting his younger brother, but no one had known this. This leads to Sasuke awakening the Mangekyo Sharingan and then he sets a goal to destroy the Hidden lead Village for what they did to Itachis Name. Once Sasuke joins the Akatsuki, He is tasked with capturing the eight tails jinchuriki, they fight and they capture Killer Bee, the jinchuriki, but its then later revealed that they only captured a clone and extracted a portion of the Chakara to the Gedo Statue. While that was all happening, Jiraiya journeys to the Hidden rain village, getting informed that was the hide out of the Akatsuki, but Jiraiya gets jumped by his former students, Konan, and Pain, who have the Rinnegan, a powerful eye that grants the user the power of the sage of the six paths. But they are all too powerful for them, before he dies though, he sends a letter frog to the hidden leaf village to inform the lady Tsunade, the Hokage of the situation and what they are going up against. Naruto returns to the hidden leaf village and learns of Jiraiyas death and is depressed after learning of his masters death, but undergoes training for Senjutsu at a hidden location, to fight off pain and the Akatsuki.

While he is training at a hidden location, the hidden leaf village is attacked and destroyed by Pain in order to find Narutos location so that they can extract the nine-tails from him. Naruto comes back to the hidden leaf village in order to take on all Members at once like the disgusting monster he is. He takes out all but one of the members and he is incapacitated and forced to watch his classmate, Hinata, attempt to take on The last standing member, but she is taken down, but not dead. After seeing this Naruto gets enraged and released the Kyuubi(Nine-tails in japanese) Cloak and reaches a 4 tailed state of the fox(if he reaches nine-tailed without mastering the Nine-tails power, he dies) and takes on the last standing member of Pain. He is desperate to release the entire power of the nine-tails but his fathers chakara gets in contact with him and tells him about his past and how he was the hokage and also Kakashis teacher. Naruto Kills the final member with his signature move the rasengan and uses his sage powers to locate a hidden member who was just using everyone else as a puppet other than Konan. Naruto finds the final member, Nagato, another member of the almost dead clan the uzumaki clan that Naruto is in, and he talks to Nagato about what he is doing is wrong. He is convinced and he later uses his sage of the six paths Rinne-Rebirth power to revive everyone that was killed in the destruction, but this leads to Nagato dying. Naruto goes back to the village and he is praised as the hero of the village. But due to all the fighting that was going on during the invasion, Tsunade had used up all her powers in order to revive and keep some civillians safe and she is put in a coma. Later, Danzo, the one that tasked Itachi with killing his clan is given the title of Hokage and with that, Sasuke sees the chance to kill Danzo for what he did. So during the 5 kage Summit where every kage meets up to discuss future planning, Sasuke uses this to his Advantage to kill Danzo and anyone else in his way. While he is heading there, the kages are informed that Sasuke is on his way, and they prepare to fight. Sasuke fights the Kaezakage and the Raikage and goes past them. Sasuke also fights the Tsuchikage and the Mizukage. But the fight is Interuptted after Tobi, who now goes by Madara, the name of one of the most powerful Uchiha in history, starts the next great war and explaining his goal of project Tsukuyomi. As Sasuke is healing, They found out that Danzo had fleed the area and Tobi Transports Sasuke to Danzo so that they can fight. Danzo explains that he wanted all the eyes of the Uchiha implanted on him so that he would have the power to use Izanagi, the power to rewrite reality but with the risk of losing that eye, hence the reason that Danzo wanted all those sharingans, so that He would not have to worry about losing any eyes. Danzo takes Karin hostage, but Sasuke uses his lightning sword to stab through Karin and into Danzo. Danzo in a predicament, uses the reverse tetragram seal to try to take out everyone else in the vincinity but kills no one other than himself. But Before Madara can take the sharingans that Danzo had stolen, Danzo had crushed all of it befor he died. Sakura Appears but nearly dies trying to kill sasuke but is saved by Kakashi, and as they are fighting, Sakura tries to kill Sasuke again, but is nearly killed if it wasn't for naruto coming in to save her. Sasuke and Naruto talk but Sasukes group quickly retreats so that Sasuke can heal and rest. It turns out that since Sasuke had been using his Sharingans too much, He is starting to lose sight in his eyes, so He wants Itachis eyes planted in him so he would be able to get the Enternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

With the start of the other great ninja war coming, Naruto and Bee is assigned to be hiding on an island so that the chances of them getting captured would be slimmer as they would not know where their locations are. They are no informed of what the purpose of this mission is but it is also to train Naruto to control his Kyuubi Chakara. Through this process, he meets his mother, the jinchuriki of the Nine-tails before him, and he is given powers from her to also control the power of the nine-tails. Soon Kisame, appears after disguising himself as one of the Bees swords tries to escape but is quickly captured and interrogated. But before they extract any information from him, he bites his togue off and commits suicide and sends a shark off to tell them of the location of where they are hiding at. Moving forward, Tobi and Kabuto(Orochimarus former partner) are now teamming up for the great ninja war. Tobi Prepares for the war by looking for Nagatos dead body so that he can take the rinnegan from him and use it as his own during the battle and for his ultimate plan. He goes to Konan to ask her but she is on narutos side and Tobi kills her, finding the location without her help. He takes the rinnegan, so as if right now, he has a sharingan in one eye and a rinnegan in the other. Kabuto has mastered the Reanimation jutsu, a jutsu that brings dead people back to life with a sample of their DNA. Kabuto Reanimates Deidara and heads to the island that Naruto and Bee are hidnig. During the battle, Kabuto captures Yamato so he can use his wood style to power an army of white zetsu. Before the big fight, all five nations form an alliance under one name. Naruto escapes and uses Sage mode and senses all of the battle going on and escaping. Naruto and Bee fight Tsunade and the Raikage. While they are heading to the main battlefield, They come across Nagato and they also come across Itachi, who had been reanimated with no control of their body. With the gift that Itachi gave naruto a long time ago, he frees himself and gains control over his body, and with Itachi, Bee and Naruto on the same side, they all fight against Nagato who is fully under control of Kabuto and they seal Nagato away with Itachi going to undo the Reanimation for anyone else who was brought to life. Moving forward, the real Madara is revived and he makes his way to the battlefield and literally killing anyone else in his way. The five Kage try their best to stop and seal him away, but they are no match for him. While they are fighting them, Naruto and Bee are fighting against the reanimated jinchurikis in their tailed beast state other than Gaara because There is no host for the one tails. Karuma, The nine-tailed beast name is seeing that naruto is struggling and they become friends and they cooperate fully to use their combined powers, giving naruto the chance to go full tailed beast state without having to risk dying.

Sasuke sees Itachi and follows him to Kabuto, in which Sasuke and Itachi fight Kabuto. During the fight, Itachi puts Kabuto under a jutsu that repeats until Kabuto does what he needs to, and undoes the Reanmation. Everyone else is gone, but Madara is able to withstand this and redo the jutsu, making him nearly invincible as he can't die because he is already dead and his body would just reattach itself until he is sealed away. realizing that they are going to lose the war if they don't get help, they plan on reviving the former hokage, but they don't know anyone else who can do that. So they Revive Orochimaru using a curse mark and Sasuke and his group head off to revive the former Kage, they revie Madara's Rival, The first hokage, Hashirama senju, Tobirama Senju, The thrid hokage Hiruzen, and Narutos dad, The fourth Hokage. Moving Forward, Naruto is fighting Tobi after it was revealed that Tobi was just a fake Madara impersonating to instil fear into his enemies. Naruto breaks his mask after they are sucked into another dimension using his Sharingan. After Naruto breaks his mask, Kakashi sees that it is Obito, Kakashis old squadmate that was thought to be dead. Obito was "killed" during a mission back in Kakahis young days but before Obito was "Killed" he had given Kakashi his left eye, granting him the ability to use the sharingan, which is why their mangekyo Sharingan has the same shape. Madara defeats all five kage and appears next to Obito to move forward with their next plan. So that they can revive the ten tails. But during that summoning, the ten tails shoots a barrage of spikes torwards the army and Neji jumps in front of one dying, so that he can save Naruto. After the hokge are reanimated, Sasuke decides to protect the hidden leaf village under the name and wishes of his brother and him and his group along with the other hokages that were revived head to the battlefield. The former Team 7 is reunited and Kakashi and Obito fight it out in another dimension. After Obito loses the fight against Kakashi, He teleports out to the battlefield and merges with the ten tails, becoming the ten tails jinchuriki. Naruto and Sasuke fight Obito and moments later, all the tailed beast that were inside the Ten tails including the small amount of chakara from the Nine-tails and the eight-tails are extracted. Naruto then gives Obito a quick talking to and converts Obito to the good side. to fight along side Naruto and allied forces. Obito attempts to use the Rinne-Rebirth to revive everyone that died in the battle, but he is taken over by Madara so that Madara can be revived and he can become the jinchuriki of the ten tails.

Madara is then given Nagatos other eye and then given the chance to execute his plan from the beginning ever since he was a child and had read a manuscript. Madara had given Nagato those eyes in order to save it for his ressurection. But no one had known it at the time other than Madara himself. He absorbs the ninetails out of Naruto, and takes a portion of the eight-tails along with the rest of the other tailed beast to become the new ten tails jinchuriki. In the process of getting the nine-tails extracted, Naruto dies, and Sasuke is stabbed. While they are dead, the sage of the six paths revives them and gives them powers each being unique and sepcial. Learning that Naruto is a reincarnated version of the sage of the six paths son, Asura, and Sasuke being a reincarnated version of his other son, Indra. After sasuke is revived, He is given a stronger Rinnegan in his left eye, and Naruto is given Truth Seeking orbs to use against Madara in a fight. Gai engages madara before hand naruto arrives though, and he nearly kills Madara. Before Gai is killed though, He is saved and healed by naruto after healing him with the sage of the six paths powers. Madara retreats and steals Kakashis Sharingan and uses it to steal Obitos other Rinnegan. Madara now has every step set up for his ultimate plan and starts Project Tsukuyomi. everyone but Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Sakura, and Obito are trapped because they were hiding underneath Sasukes Susanoo. Madara is stabbed by Black Zetsu, the one who was actually manipulating Madara the entire time. Black zetsu uses all the chakara that was stolen and uses it to revive the mother of all Chakara, Kaguya, in order to prepare a mass army for her fight against her other clan members from out of space. The battle rages on through many dimension and they all end up defeating her and sealing her away in another dimension, but before they sealed her away, Obito Dies from all of his wounds. Now, to release everyone, Naruto and Sasuke just have to do the right hand sign and everyone is released from The infinite Tsukuyomi. But Sasuke wants Revolution, he wants to kill all the kages while they are trapped and start over again as the hokage. Naruto and Sauke head to the final valley and they fight their final battle. They fight and fight until the final jutsu, in which they put all their power into it and they lost their dominant hand in doing so. Naruto talks sasuke into not killing the Kage and that he can do something else, and they do the handsign with the hands and arms that they have left to release everyone. Returning back to the fully built village, Kakashi is given the title of Hokage and Sasuke is in prison for all the crimes that he committed while he was edgy, but he is then released because of his contribution to stopping Madara, and Kakashi being his former teacher. He decides to head out and explore the ninja world and he meets naruto and naruto gives him his old headband and they part ways. Naruto and Hinata Get married and they also have kids.

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