Bad Boy

A cover of the Bad Boy Book

By Walter Dean Myers

Published May 8, 2001

Genre: Non-Fiction Memoir

Walter Dean Myers is an African-American award-winning writer for the genres fiction, non-fictions, and even poetry for the young readers. Walter was born in Martinsburg, West Virginia in August 12, 1937. He lived in Jersey City, New Jersey with his family but has now passed away at the age of 76 on July 1, 2014. He studied at the Empire State College, Brown University, Stuyvesant High School but was always in and out of school. Even though it was difficult and he faced many struggles at school, he never gave up. Walter was an inspiration to many for his motivation and endeavor to pursue his life-long goal of becoming a writer.


This book is about a memoir and story of a boy name Walter Dean Myers who is an African-American who grew in the time where his ancestors just got freed from slavery. Walter has hard times keeping his temper and emotions to himself and always takes it out by fighting others. He deals with many problems and struggles trying to fit in with other boys because of his different interests. Walter also deals with life-threatening situations where he must make the right decisions to help him and others.