All American boys
the cover

All American boys is a young adult book published on September 29, 2015 All American boys was made by two authors, Brendan Kiely and Jason Reynolds. Jason Reynolds is an American author that writes to young adult and middle school audiences Jason Reynolds mainly writes novels and poetry, like ghost which is a book award finalist for young people, Jason Reynolds was born in Washington D.C. and started writing when he was nine. Brendan Kiely as a young boy he loved going on walks with his dad to bookstore but, his love for reading didn't start until high school with lord of the ring.when Brendan was attending a city college he earned a MFA or master of fine arts in creative arts. Brendan enthusiasm for young people tarted when working full time at a high school before becoming a full time writer.

the plot of the story is about two boys in high school named Rashad and Quinn. Rashad was on his way to a party and stopped at a store for food and was accused of stealing then was beating up by the officer in the store and arrested for something he didn't do. Quinn on the other hand saw it happen and is not sure on what to do because he know that it was wrong of the officer to do that but the officer was like a father to him.