The Fighter

Book information: The title of the book is The Fighter. The author of the book is Jean-Jacques Greif. The date of publication is September 5 of 2006. The Genre of the book is Fiction.

Author information: Jean-Jacques Greif is a French journalist.He was born in Paris on 1944.He is married and has three kids.His father name is Lonek Greif and he was born on August 16 of 1905.His mother name was Malwina Zien.He has two siblings named Michel and Olivier.He taught French and physics in a small school.He is also a journalist at Marie Clarie magazine since 1975.He started his career in 1969.Most of his books were inspired by his parents.He publish The Fighter in his native France, which is named Le Ring de la Mort and has been awarded a lot of literal prizes.

Moshe Wisniak is a boy who lives with his poor family.He has two brothers and a sister. He struggles every day to survive from the Polish,who abuse Jewish people because they are poor and can't defend themselves.Moshe finds out that the way to defend his family is to fight the Polish.He is very weak from the legs so he can't run away. So instead of running away he uses weapons and other parts of his body to defend himself and his family.His goal is to become strong and be able to defend his family from danger.

Later, his family moves to Paris on 1929 and their, there lives seem to be improving.Moshe finds work with his brother, and he is able to afford to live in his own place.He joins a boxing club and their he improves his strength.He also finds the love of his life and marries her. Later he becomes a father.

Everything seems to go well until France get's defeated by Germany. Germany then takes all Jews from France to concentration camps. In the group of Jewish people, Moshe is in there with his brother. They get sent to a concentration camp where they are forced to do hard labor. Moshe is one of the few Jews who doesn't get killed in the begging of his arrival. There he sees a lot of Jews die and get torture to death. He survives because he was fit before going into the camp. He survive all the time by getting help from other people who had already been in the camp.He also have to fight his way through to survive and not get killed.He was able to survive in there until Germany was defeated and they were able to rescue him.

Author This is the author of The Fighter