Feed Book Report

Feed, is a cyberpunk/dystopian novel written by M.T. Anderson and originally published in 2002.

About M.T. Anderson

M.T. Anderson was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1968, and lived in Stow, Massachusetts. When he was a child he lived in Italy while his dad worked on radar systems at a U.S. army base. As a teenager he wanted to be a writer, he would write novels, stories, comics, and code for computer games. After he graduated high school, he went to England for a year of boarding school, when he came back to the United States he became a college freshman, but then dropped out and went back to England to study for two years at Cambridge University. Two years after graduating from Cambridge University, he taught at Vermont college and has published many novels.

Picture of Author, M.T. Anderson

Plot Summary

Feed takes place in a dystopian future where most people use the "Feed", an implanted chip that allows people to connect to the internet, play games, watch movies and t.v. and view ads. Most people who don't have the Feed aren't able to see things like billboards, ads, and signs, but are smarter because people who have the Feed don't use proper grammar or think logically because the feed does everything for them, making them rely on it. Titus, the oldest child in an upper class family, is surrounded by ads for corporations that own the Feed, Titus and his friends lives are based on buying products and making money for companies. That is until he gets his Feed hacked by "The Coalition of Pity", who, throughout the story, plant ideas in his head while he sleeps to resist the Feed. He doesn't take this advice to heart because he doesn't want to resist the Feed because it's not convenient for him. But he meets Violet who sees past what the Feed is really for and ropes him into a plan to trick the Feed.