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Wuthering Heights


"Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte was published in 1847 and is classified as a Gothic romance.

The author, Emily Bronte, was born in Yorkshire, England, on July, 30th, 1818. She had two sisters and a borhter. SHe wrote Wuthering Heights and it is her only published novel. She died in 1848, so she was 30, which is quite young. She was from a poor family and she became a teacher but stopped teaching after about a year. She died of tuberculosis, such an honorary and beautiful death *dramatic sigh*.

The book at a quick glance begins with the character Lockwood reaching Wuhtering heights who is inhaboted by Heathcliff, his daughter as well as hi servants Nelly and Joseph. While spedning the night at Wuthering Heights, Lockwood meets the ghost of Catherine Earnshaw, later to be Catherine Linton. This sends heathcliff into an episode, sonething unexpected by Lockwood. This causes Lockwood to have extreme interest in the story of the people who have lived at Wuthering Heights and Nelly is happy to share all that she knows. She tells the story of how Heathcliff was adopted, how Catherine Earnshaw/Linton loved him yet married Edgar Linton.

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