Author Mashashi Kishimoto
Date of Publication 1997
Genre Adventure Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy

On the day of Naruto Uzumaki's birth the Village of Konoha was attacked by the 9-tailed fox demon.The demon claimed the life of many people. The 4th Hokage-Naruto's dad, sacrificed his lives to seal the 9-tailed into Naruto.

Twelve years later,Naruto grew up with the hatefulness, and disrespect of the village people because the shadow that hid inside of him.They were afraid of one day the seal couldn't keep the demon anymore, he will destroy the village.Loneliness, isolated, the lack of love, Naruto had been wondering why he was born, why did he not have parents. His childhood is filled with the darkness.When it was time for school, he went to the ninja academy.At this place, he had met a lot of friends, teammates, and teachers. They had had helped to change himself. He had proven to the village people that he wasn't a cursed child. He wanted them to see him as Naruto Uzumaki, not the the shadow of the demon in the past. His goal was to become the hokage of the village.

The author of Natuto

Mashashi Kishimoto was born in Okayama Prefecture, Japan on November 8, 9174. He his the older identical twin of Seishi Kishimoto. He showed his interest in drawing characters from the anime shows he watched. He idolized the Dragon Ball's original creator Akira Toriyama.By high school, he started losing interest in manga as he started playing basketball and baseball.However, after he saw a poster of Akira-the animated film, he became fascinated with the coolest drawing he had ever seen.The drawing was of Katsuhiro Otomo. During his last years of school,Kishimoto gave out a right decision that he had never felt regretting, and many fans of him must thank him for that. Kishimoto started thinking" Manga is awesome,amazing" and he waned to become a famous manga artist like Akira or Katsuhiro.

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