Author: Laurie Faria Stelarg; Publication Date: September 2006; Genre: Realistic fiction, young-adult, mystery

Author's Biography

Laurie Faria Stelarg, also known as Laurie Stolarz, is the author of many popular young adult novels. Some of her well-liked work includes Project 17, Shutter, Bleed, the Touch series, the Dark House series, and the best-selling Blue is for Nightmares series. She was born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts, first went to Merrimack College, and later on to Emerson College in Boston and got an MFA in Creative Writing. She is currently 46 years old, and so far had been nominated on several award lists.

Summary Plot

"Bleed" is a multi-narrated story of 10 teenagers in Massachusetts learning truths about themselves and each other within a single summer day. In the story, there is Nicole who has a crush on her best friend's boyfriend. Nicole's best friend is Kelly, who has 2 boyfriends, but one is in jail. Nicole has another friend called Maria, and she wants people to cut her to prove that they are her real friends. There is Derik who thinks that his good-looking helps him getting girls that he wants. Derik meets Mearl, a nineteen-year-old girl who desperately wants to belong somewhere. Seemingly unconnected but is actually related, this story of multi-narrators depict the real experiences of teenagers nowadays.