How to American, an immigrants to guide disappointing your parents

How to American, an immigrants to guide disappointing your parents is a book by Jimmy O.Yang. The book was published March 13, 2018. the genre of the book is humor/autobiography

Author Info

Jimmy O. Yang, was born in British, Hong Kong on June 11, 1987 (age 31) Jimmy went to school at UCSC where he majored in economics. Jimmy is now an actor in a show, silicon valley, and movies such as Patriots Day, Crazy Rich Asians and many more.


In How to American, an immigrant to guide disappointing your parents, Jimmy talks about his struggles with his parents approving of him being a stand-up comedians /actor. He talks about how his dad didn't want him to be an actor but his dad wanted him to be an accountant. Throughout the whole story, Jimmy has to go through his parent's denial and he tells us stories about his life from middle school all the way through his adult life.

Jimmy has stores of when he first moved to the U.S like when his grandfather showed him his favorite restaurant, El polo loco His grandpa showed him how you could get free soda by asking for a water cup and getting soda, He also remembers the free salsa bar and wondering why people have to buy onions if they could just go to el polo loco and take it from there.

Jimmy talks about his struggles in school as an immigrant, and him not knowing how to speak English but still making friends. one of his fondest memory is when he first came to school and he wanted to play basketball but he says a guy was about 6'2 his name was Marquees, This was the first time he had ever seen someone dunk in real life, on that same day the teacher was taking attendance and his name wasn't Jimmy yet his name was Ou Yang Man Shing so she tried to pronounce his Chinese name. Jimmy talks a lot about how he wanted to pursue music and was confronted by this man who owned web site and wanted to use his music for the website. Jimmy as a college student didn't really care about school and really didn't want to be there for his freshman year and just got stoned every day and skipped class and had five years of college, He says these were the worst 5 years of his life, UCSC had no sports team to root for but Men's volleyball.

UCSC mens volleyball team El pollo loco chicken