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Authour of Epic is Conor Kostick Title of book is Epic The genres of this book are Fantasy, Computer games, and LitRPG Book was published in 2004

Conor Kostick was born on June 26th, 1964. He is an Irish historian and a writer of many books including Epic which was published in 2004. Conor Kostick lives in Dublin, the largest city in Ireland. Ireland awarded Conor the Special Merit Award in recognition of his books for children. Conor Kostick was awarded many more awards and is a successful book writer. Conor Kostick also teaches medieval history at Trinity College in Ireland. He was also a former chairman for the Irish writers union.

The setting of the book Epic is on the planet New earth, in a place called Osterfjord where any form of violence is illegal. This is where Erik grew up. Erik's family is being reallocated to some place else meaning his family is going to be split up soon. Erik's mom wants Erik to succeed in the graduation tournament but Erik seeks a far greater journey, Slaying the Red dragon to gain its wealth and treasure to try and get his father back. Erik can only dream of beating Central Allocations(They Control everything on the planet) until it comes into real life.

The book Epic

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