All American Boys

Book title is All American Boys. Written by Jason Reynolds, and Brendan Kiely the book was published on September 29, 2015 .

Jason Reynolds was born on December 6, 1983 (age 35) in Washington, DC Jason was inspired by rap and started writing poetry at the age of nine he published his first novel, When I Was The Greatest, in 2014.

Brenden Kiely was born in July2, 1977(age 41) in Boston, MA. As a kid he would go from bookstore to bookstore when the Lord of the Rings trilogy appeared on his summer reading list. He read all three before school started.


A sixteen year old kid named Rashad was mistakenly accused of stealing. Quinn witnesses Rashad get beat by the cop which is his his best friend older brother. Quinn feels bad for not doing anything to help Rashad while he was getting beat. JRBK