Information about the book

Author Biography

Karen was born in 1969 close to Boston, Massachusetts. She has a son named Jack. Her Day job is in Marketing, she helps other Launch their products. In another life she wishes to become a pop singer. She started writing books at the age of 7, but then at 18 the plots for the books she wrote became to difficult for her to continue. She started writing again after Jim, her husband, died. She started after realizing all the things Jim didn't get to do that she wanted to continue doing the thing she loved to do.

Plot Summary

In ONE OF US IS LYING the story follows the life of the four main characters Bronwyn, Clay, Addy, and Nate. In the beginning of the story 5 students got detention from having phones but they all claim the phone wasn't theirs. Everything was normal that detention until a car crashes just outside the classroom the teacher instructed everyone to stay while he left to check it out, one student named Simon stands up and gets a drink of water but then has an allergic reaction because someone put peanut oil in the cup he drank from. After Simon died from the allergic reaction the four students Bronwyn, Cooper, Addy, and Nate are all suspects and are constantly questioned about the incident and the only questions going through everyones minds is who did it and who can I trust. So throughout the story the four main characters have to face this problem while dealing with their own problems, like their biggest secrets being exposed and drama about them involving the incident with Simon. In the end they finally find out who the real killer is although the damage to the people invalid was already done and there lives would never be the same