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All Of This Is True

Beryl's Book Report

What I like about this book was that it was written in different points of view which gave me a clear understanding of what happened, when it happened and who caused it. With that I was able to analyze the whole truth of the incident and was able to understand each characters behavior. In today's world teenagers turn out to keep secrets to themselves and when they intent to tell one person, the whole world gets to know what happenedand say all kinds of things eventhough they were not there when it happened or they were not otld directly from the victim. Most of these betrayals are done through social media. They think it is funto know someones secret and be spreading the "news". I expected Fatima Ro to intensionally write about Jonah and I didn't expect Jonah to be the aggressor. I also expected Penny to be more bossy than Miri since she was the one organizing parties and she was "richer" than the others.

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