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All Of This Is True

Beryl's Book Report

About Author

This book was written by LYGIA DAY Peñaflor. She is a private teacher for young Hollywood stars. She became a writter by writting letters to a friend she met on a cruise ship when she was fourteen. She is theauthor of Unsricpted Joss Byrd. Lygia lives on the Long Island's North Shores with her husband.

About the Book

Four friends MIri, Penny, Soleil and Jonah fall in love with a book the read. They have fallen in love with the book to the extent that, they manage to befriend the author at a book signing in the city. These friends were able to befriend the author Fatima Ro who teaches them about human connection (how one can influence others to open up or tell them their deepest secrets). After learning about the "Theory", they form a club in school to help people develop this human connection. They explain to them about the theory and practice the theory with them at some of their meetings. This helped some of them to create genuine friendships between people they thought they could never be friends with. But Miri wanted to be like Fatima Ro so she tries to be the center of attraction during one of their meetings. At that particular meeting Jonah ends up kissing Soleil under her blanket. Then he stops and rushes out of the room and Soleil follows him to his car. There Jonah tells Soleil about his deepest secret, she comforts him and sends him to Fatima Ro to help him because she couldn't handle it alone. At Fatima's, Fatima tells Jonah that if he wants to get relieved of his secret she could rewrite his story and make things right like how she was able to change she and her mother's relationship through Undertow with the character Lara. During their conversation, Soleil was in the restroom trying to figure out how she would help Jonah so she couldn't hear they were saying. He agrees with Fatima and leaves with Soleil after the conversation. Jonah and Soleil begun to date. Sometimes Soleil wanted to ask Jonah about his past, she wanted him to tell her into details what happened but she was afraid that would push Jonah away since he wanted to start all over with his life. Johan became so close to Fatima that he wasn't taking the advice his psycologist. He thought that his psycologist wasn't smart enough and that she wasn't able to help him start all over but Fatima did, Fatima was able to help him start all over again. Little did everyone know that what Jonah told them was not the actual truth and that he wasn't the victim but he was the aggressor. With this Fatima was able to rewrite Jonah's story as he agreed without telling any of the girls but this ends him in a coma which he might be able to survive from or not.

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