"Wonder" is a book published and written by R.J. Palacio on February 14, 2012. This fiction, children's literature book about a young boy named August "Auggie" Pullman. August is a 5th grader home-schooled by his mom, who thinks it's time for Auggie to transition to public school. He suffers from Craniofacial Abnormality which affects his entire life and how he's judged and treated. One the first day of fifth grade Auggie tries not to draw attention to himself but soon runs into Julian who is a bully to Auggie. Auggie faces challenges because of his "dis-figuration" like bullying, discrimination, name calling, etc. But he gets through it with the help of his family and new and old friends. While reading the book you get to experience what he experiences not only through Auggie's eyes but through the other characters as well.

About the Author

R.J.Palacio wrote the book because of her encounter with an extraordinary child she met outside an ice cream parlor. When she saw this child her child of her own started to cry she tried to remove him from the situation. After feeling very bad about what happened. She heard a song called "Wonder" by Natalie Merchant and realize that the incident could be a valuable lesson.