Character Role Significance Adjectives
August "Auggie" Pullman Main Character Story is about him and his experience as a kid with some anomalies. Short, Kind, Hard of hearing, Born with anomalies
Olivia "Via" Pullman Auggie's sister She tells us what she experiences as the sister of a little boy who is not "average" Girlfriend, Kind, Sister, Female, Sweet, Tall
Summer Auggie's friend She sits with August at lunch when he has no one else. The first person to show him kindness. Kind, Female, Funny, Friend, Curly hair
Jack Will Auggie's best friend He is Auggie very first real best friend. Friend, Male, Funny, Kind, Blond
Julian Bully He shows his side of the story of why he doesn't like August and why he is scared of him. Bully, Male, Mean, Scared, Black hair
Justin Via's boyfriend He helps Via with the experience she goes through. Boyfriend, Kind, Male, Tall, Long hair, Round glasses, Musician, From Brooklyn