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The Demonata: Blood Beast

The story continued a year later of the movie set,"Slawter", A teen aged boy by the name of Grubbistch aka "Grubbs", walks in on his family torn to nothing, blood everywhere, pieces of bones and flesh scattered all around the floor, blood splats on walls and furniture, pools of blood everywhere. As he looks more closely, he first meets eyes with one of the demon lord pets, artery, not only that but the demon lord himself, who won't be the last he sees him, Lord Loss. Through the entire situation he is than brought to the conclusion of him going to his uncle's household, when finding out that he doesn't have any other family member around him, to be able to care for him, he is brought the house, where he finds Bill-E as his first real friend, but its not all that peaceful, for they wait for a time where starting than, would change there way of living.

On this site, you're going to understand or learn what each individual character has on the story, what they are to on another, as well as what their role is in the story. Not only that, but quotes chosen by me, that are quite important into the story, which by the way, would be more understandable if one were to read the book itself.Near the conclusion of this site, a reflection of what I think the book has on myself as a person, how I enjoyed or disliked about the story, my rating on the plot.

An image of the book I finished reading An image of Darren Shan the author of The Demonata