My Story

Delicious spaghetti

I had eaten spaghetti before that day, the first time I ate at my future in-law's house. I didn't expect anything different than a big bowl full of noddles and sauce from a can: I was wrong. What I experienced that night changed me. I could never go back to my mom's house and have the plain old stuff, I had to have this new and amazing food that was in front of me.

My mother-in-law only did a couple things different from my mom: First, she did not mix the noddles and the sauce together. I believe this kept the noddles from getting too soggy or maybe kept extra water out of the sauce- I'm not really sure if it made a difference at all. What was very different was the meat: spicy italian sausage. Oh. My. Gawd. It was EPIC.

Spaghetti has never been the same since then. My wife and I have tried to replicate the orignal recipe, but have never succeeded. The worst part is: my kids hate spicy italian sausage (which is, of course, the best type of sausage there is). Even we I do make spaghetti the way I want it, my kids complain and whine that their food is "too spicy" and how their "tongue is buring" - such babies; They need to step it up and deal with it.