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Carne Asada

This is a really good food to eat such as in a family reunion or a party. Me why do i like this typa food? I like this type of food because Carne asada becuase you can eat it with rice and beans and salsa you can grill it my family usallly cooks carne asada for birthday partys or just for a family BBQ I like meat I speacally like it when my family cooks it the way they season it is delicious

how i eat it ? I usally cook it in BBQ. what do i eat Carne Asada with? I eat Carne Asada in a plate wit beans on the side and also with rice i also add nopales with some spicy salsa on the side with tortillas thats how I eat Carne Asada u can eat however you like this I my favrite wat to eat Carne Asada tho .