The best food in the World

Pizza and Me


Pizza is my favorite food in the world. Pizza is one of the most known foods ever in the history of food.

Pizza has a variety of ways being made, you got the deep dish, classic, thin crust and so many more.

When I was a wee toddler, about three years of age, my parents gave me some cheese pizza and from their I've been in love with pizza.

I eat pizza about one time a month, but everytime I do Love it.

My love of Pizza

Pizza and I have a good relationship, I love its thick crust, and delicious sauce and it's gooey cheese.

Pizza is my first choice when I want food, plus Pizza is healthy because it has different vitamins and nutrients from the toppings.

Why I love Pizza

My love of pizza is so great because pizza is love and pizza is life. But the one thing I hate about pizza is people saying pixa instead of pizza.

When I eat pizza it just fills an empty void in myself, and it's filled with dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings.