Vietnamese Coffee

Coffee Is My Favorite Drink

Coffee. One of the main sources of caffeine, and a wake up call to some. For me, I'm not one of them... most of the time. Coffee is good for any occasion: when you are eating lunch/dinner, when you are having a break with your friends, when you are reading, etc. You can have it hot or you can have it cold. You can have it in a fancy glass mug, or just your regular plastic to-go cup. It doesn't really matter. You can modify the taste and the texture however you like, and that's the beauty of coffee.

My History With Coffee

It all started when I was just a little boy. My mom always took me to McDonalds to buy one of those Happy meals, and get one of their little plastic toys. One day, my mom ordered a Mocha Frappe and I got curious on how it tasted. So I took one sip, and my whole mind expanded like never before. The flavor, the texture, it was beautiful. From there it went to Vietnamese Coffee while eating pho most of the time, and also visiting Vietnam; where you can socialize and drink coffee in a local coffee corner every single morning.