The Pirate's Code

2017/2018 Student Created Websites

This year, students were given the following scenario to begin their work:

You are now a web developer, and with that title comes work. But there is no sign of customers who want a young web-master, such as yourself, to create a world class website for their business. You decide that you must design a website to show off your skills to the world. Unfortunately, you’re short on ideas; and hungry. Your only idea for a website comes from your favorite food.

You decide to move forward with a website that is an informational and personal story of that food. You must create the best possible website in order to impress clients and convince them to pay you.

For the full rubric by which students were measured, you may click here.

The table below is the collection of completed websites developed by the talented programmers of the Exploring Computer Science class.

Student NameGrade LevelWebsite
Sample S.ExampleSpaghetti
Abby S.FreshmanKalua Pork
Alan N.FreshmanCoffee
Brandon B.SophomoreMashed Potatoes and Gravy
Coleman P.SophomoreShin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
(Not a food)
David C.FreshmanHoney Cilantro Lime Salmon
Diana F.SeniorPozole
Edon V.FreshmanPizza
Ibrahim C.JuniorCereal
Irving E.SeniorTacos
Jacqueline K.SeniorDutch Babies
Jesus R.FreshmanCarne Asada
Joel E.SeniorBurritos
Katie L.FreshmanRice
Mukhtar K.FreshmanWaffles
Sergey V.FreshmanMashed Potatoes
Sonnhi D.FreshmanBubble Tea

The sites should all open in a new tab. This was done so no code would be added or modified on the student's sites, but you could still easily access this page.